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Tickets can be purchased ONLINE following the link below.

* A small third-party fee will apply to online ticket purchases.
Single-Day Passes

Sunday only Pass: $10

Monday only Pass: $10

Kids 12 and under are FREE

Single-Day Passes can be purchased online using the link above or at the gate.


Two-Day Passes (Sunday & Monday): $15

Two-Day passes can be purchased online using the link above or in person at Canton Town Hall located at 85 Summer Street, Canton NC. 


*Two-Day Passes MUST be purchased before Saturday, August 31, 2024 at midnight.


*These are the only available avenues to purchase tickets.

*DO NOT lose your wristbands purchased at Canton Town Hall. There will be no replacements and your receipt WILL NOT be accepted at the gate as your ticket. You must re-purchase any lost tickets. 

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