Featured Artist of the Day: Porch 40

September 3, 2015


It is likely that the words "funk music" and "Canton" have never shared the same sentence, but we're re-writing our history book this weekend.  We sought out the most dynamic, up and coming band to headline the WNC Country Roots & Rock Experience on Saturday night and these are the guys who fit the bill to a tee.  Blending and bending genre after genre, their songs redefine the roots of modern music. They incorporate elements from the best of the old, such as Motown, Jazz, and Funk; whilst embellishing it with the best of the new; rock, progressive, indie, metal, hip hop, and electronic.  With a unique blend of musicianship and instrumentation, Porch 40 enters the music scene with an unprecedented sound, and peerless style.  Porch 40 was formed in Cullowhee, NC by Drew Duncan (vocals, guitar) and Mitchell Metz (violin, moob), who bonded together through music while studying abroad in Wales. Upon returning to the States, they had but one goal: start a band. They set out to find the funkiest, freshest, and most bombastic manly-men in the world.  First to come was Spencer Bradley, a drummer with so much manly facial hair that Vikings tremble in their graves every time he shaves his chiseled face. He bangs.  Next to join forces was the prolific saxophonist Scott Burr. He spends his days in search of what it means to be a man: southern gentlemanliness. He is such a true southern gentleman that he spends every Black Friday at Macy’s, holding the door for elderly women.  Finally, Carter Mcdevitt came and beat up Drew. Severely and abundantly. We were afraid that his bass slapability was too good to pass up. Sure enough, soon after Carter’s audition, the ghost of Bootsy Collins came to nurse Drew’s wounds and reassure Porch 40 that Carter Mcdevitt is unparalleled and indispensable.  Upon Drew’s recovery, Porch 40 was complete, and the foundations for what they are today were formed.  The band began practicing together on March 20, 2012, where they wasted no time in creating new, original songs that would become the framework of their own all-encompassing sound. Porch 40 knows no boundaries.  Spread it heavy.  Hear Porch 40 here.

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Press Conference Day, Oh My

June 3, 2015

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